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Yoga Anatomy Training with Leslie Kaminoff

About Leslie: Author of Yoga Anatomy.

With more than 34 years of experience, Leslie Kaminoff is internationally recognized as a specialist in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy. He is cofounder and co-head instructor, with Yoga Anatomy co-author Amy Matthews, of the Breathing Project, a New York City-based yoga studio dedicated to the teaching of individualized breath-centered yoga practice and therapy. He currently practices as a yoga educator and teaches anatomy in New York City and advises various yoga schools on the anatomy content of their national certification program. He has led workshops for many of the leading yoga associations, schools, and training programs in the United States, and he has helped organize international yoga conferences and symposia. Kaminoff is the founder of the highly respected international yoga blog e-Sutra, and he has been a featured yoga expert in Yoga Journal and the New York Times as well as online at WebMD, FoxNews Online, and

Course Description:

Day 1 – Yoga, Anatomy and the Breathing Body
Leslie is famous for his work with breath and yoga. This day will focus on the biological origins and the anatomical foundations of respiration and how it effects our yoga practice and our entire being. By understanding breath as the shape change of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, we will transform our perspective on the practice of asana, vinyasa, the bandha and more. Special emphasis will be placed on the pressure mechanics of breathing, the three diaphragms and the functional relationship of thoracic and abdominal muscles. Understand your breath and how it plays a role in your practice.

Day 2 – The Axis of Yoga: The Spine
Leslie will explore the Spine in all its glory, from its structure to its mechanics to how it relates to postural support and articular freedom. Patañjali's famous definition of asana describes the spine beautifully and we will explore it all in great anatomical depth. Get familiar with finding balance between opposing forces: stability/mobility, tension/compression, and hard/soft. Come and learn exactly what it all means and how to apply it to you and your clients.

Day 3 – Hands-on Assisting Lab
In this full day of Hands-On Assisting, Leslie will share his teaching techniques he has developed over the past 34 years of working therapeutically with individuals and group classes alike. Learn verbal and touch cuing of breath-centered alignment adjustments and how to skillfully and confidently administer powerful yet safe and gentle hands-on adjustments. We will also touch on advanced principles of breath release, based on the shape-change model of breath.


Leslie Kaminoff: Author of Yoga Anatomy.

Dates & Times:

Friday Nov 15 3:30-6:30
Sat Nov 16 9-4
Sun Nov 17 9-4

Cost:: $399 + HST (Early bird until October 15th) $449 + HST after October 15th

* Cancellation Fees *
60 days prior 25%; 30 days prior 50%; 2 weeks prior 75%; less than 2 weeks non-refundable, though you can find a replacement to take your space.

Location: The Yoga Sanctuary Danforth, 95 Danforth Ave, Suite 305

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