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Fascial Release Series - The Spine; Finding Tensegrity with Tom Myers

Course Description:

This course combines manual therapy skills with the exciting new field of structural therapy, which employs the unique and newly researched properties of fascial tissues. Fascia, our biological fabric, plays a vital role in support, posture and stability. This course offers an assessment and demonstration of fascial patterns to help practitioners eradicate many of their clients' chronic strain patterns.

The Tensegrity Spine
This course examines the spine as a tensegrity truss – how the bones float within the myofascial balance. Assessment and techniques for freeing and balancing the spine address:

1. Anterior and posterior curvatures – lordosis and kyphosis
2. Side bends
3. Rotations (and counter-rotations)
4. Guy-wires on both the front and the back of the spine
5. Balancing trunk spinal work into the cervical spine and sacrum.


Thomas Myers studied directly with Drs. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckminster Fuller. He has also studied less extensively with movement teachers Judith Aston, Emilie Conrad, and in the martial arts. His work is influenced by cranial, visceral, and intrinsic movement studies he made with European schools of osteopathy.

An inveterate traveler, Tom has practiced integrative manual therapy for over 30 years in a variety of clinical and cultural settings, including 10 years in London, and traveling practices in Hamburg, Rome, Nairobi, and Sydney, as well as a dozen locales in the US. He is a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).

Author of Anatomy Trains (Elsevier 2001) and a set of supporting videos, Tom has also penned over 60 articles for trade magazines and journals on anatomy, soft tissue manipulation, and the social scourge of somatic alienation and loss of reliance on kinesthetic intelligence.

A certified Touch-in-Parenting instructor, Tom retains a strong interest in peri-natal issues relating to movement.

Living on the coast of Maine, Tom directs Kinesis, which conducts professional certification and continuing education courses worldwide.


Saturday, October 4th and Sunday October 5th, 2014


$499.00 + HST until Sept 1st 2014. ($549.00 +HST after)

* Please note, this workshop is limited to only 35 participants.


Toronto, Ontario

Cancelation Policy:

* Cancellation Fees *
60 days prior 25%; 30 days prior 50%; 2 weeks prior 75%; less than 2 weeks non-refundable, though you can find a replacement to take your space.

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