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With an intense curiosity and a strong desire to help, Xavier Bryon has spent the last 20 years in the pursuit of true health and wellness. First completing a 3 year diploma in Massage Therapy, Xavier Bryon then branched out into Corrective Rehabilitative Exercise, Holistic Nutrition, Physical Therapy and finally finding a home within the highly effective world of Structural Integration, Craniosacral, Osteopathic Manipulation and energy work. In total, Bryon has over 4000+ hours of Education and wishes to continue further within the pscyological and emotional/mental aspects of health and wellness. Whether you are looking to completely change your life, alleviate chonic pain or simply want to feel more comfortable in your body; Xavier Bryon’s multifaceted approach can help you achieve whatever goals you may have.

t. 416.927.9259

Xavier Bryon Brewster

Massage Therapy Dipl, Board Certified Structural Integrationist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours 2013
Insight Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Powers 2014








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