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Clients of Xavier Bryon Brewster:

Chronic Pain/Injury Relief

"In my 20 year skating career, meeting with specialist had always been a part of my routine. Taking care of the body is a priority for a lot of athletes, but it should be the same for everyone. I have tried many specialists to help me with different injuries or to just to help with my recuperation. When I first heard about Xavier Bryon, and his technique, I felt immediately interested and curious. After our first appointment I felt a lot of good changes in my body. My breathing seemed effortless and I felt a lot lighter and less tight. He have a ethic and a approach that is not like a lot of specialist in treating the whole body. Finally after a few weeks working together I could feel my body in a different ways then before and it has been a amazing experience with every session. I recommend Xavier Bryon's work to every person who is looking for a natural and fascinating way of helping their body and mind to get to an all new level."


- Cynthia Phaneuf
Olympic Figure Skater

"For almost a year, I haven’t been able to sleep a full night due to a severe shoulder pain caused by a calcification of the supraspinutus tendon on the rotator cuff. During the day the pain was also a problem for my arm movements but not as bad as night time. After 6 months of treatment with laser, shock waves and ultrasound, my doctor tried cortisone injections that only worked for reducing the pain for few days. As a possible solution he did a procedure punching 19 holes on my tendon to break the calcification, but didn’t work. After few months of pain, treating with physiotherapy, I booked a surgery called rotor cuff tendonapathy. Three weeks prior to the surgery I met Xavier Bryon. As my last hope, I started his structural integration treatment and after 5 sessions I could already sleep a full night without pain. I could not believe It was possible to sleep a full night without pain. I am very happy I met Xavier Bryon. I am now free of pain and slowly going back to my normal exercises at the gym. I also canceled the surgery. I recommend Xavier Bryon for his deep knowledge of the human body and his ability to remove restriction so a natural body healing can take place."


- With Thanks, Gustavo Valente

"Since my structural integration therapy sessions with Xavier Bryon my health has improved in many ways. Overall I have more energy, Feel more alive and feel rejuvenated. Physically I am pain free, feel like I have grown taller and much more comfortable in my skin. Emotionally I’ve come out of my shell and am more adventurous in my day to day life and have a renewed spirit for life. I am also now able to locate any tension as it builds and find ways to release it before it causes pain. I’m very happy."


- Renee

"When I first met Xavier Bryon and we talked about what he does, I knew right then and there that this would be the person that could finally help me. I have been in pain most of my life with a spine that is not straight. I have tried many routes of healing including going to my family doctor, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, yoga classes, stretching, changing my posture, various medications, and nothing seemed to work. The idea that the connective tissues or fascia and some scar tissue from a surgery I had as a child, was holding my back crooked or scoliotic and causing this pain, was something I hadn’t heard of. My body could actually be manipulated and allowed to finally relax and straighten and finally let go of the pain. After working with Bryon I can say my head, my back, my whole body, my every tissue now feels renewed. Physically and emotionally I feel better. I am in a lot less pain and can do the everyday tasks that would have hurt so much before. I have him to thank and would recommend his incredible services to anyone who is suffering from pain, discomfort and imbalance."


- Robin Golloher
Holistic Nutritionist

"When I booked my first session with Xavier Bryon, I was ready to try anything. Multiple falls from a decade of snowboarding had taken a toll and my back and especially my neck. I was in so much discomfort I was taking Advil several times a day. I had to stop doing yoga, playing tennis and even long walks because it hurt too much. Even turning my neck to reverse my car was really uncomfortable. Xavier Bryon said that at first the discomfort could get worse, as I had had so many injuries; he said it was 'like peeling an onion and old issues may surface as we resolve them'. I'm glad he warned me. For a couple of weeks, I experienced that the sciatica that had plagued me during my early 20s, then mild lower back discomfort, sometimes achiness. However, after the fifth week, my pain, which would have been like a constant 7, was a 1 or 2. I felt like I was standing straighter, I felt stronger and able to once again so the activities I liked, although slowly at first. Xavier Bryon's Structural Integration treatment worked where so many others had failed. Thanks Bryon!"


- Victoria Webster, 35

"I was introduced to Xavier Bryon initially when I did an Internet search. I had been interested in trying the Rolfing technique for over 20 years as an attempt at helping my chronic back and neck pain. I heard that it could be a painful experience and my anxiety kept me from trying, but in the summer of 2012 I reached my saturation point and decided to at least try it once.

Xavier Bryon impressed me from the get go when he responded to my queries online prior to booking and after my first appointment I was hooked. And it was painful in the least.
I immediately called my husband and told him through my tears of joy that I felt better than I had in years and i couldn't wait to return. Not only was Xavier Bryon professional and knowledge but his hands were methodically magical. He was able to zone in on places that were causing me intense pain and finally give me release.

After every appointment I felt better than the one before. The positive effects have lasted more effectively than any treatment I've done over decades including chiropractic adjustments, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc. As a matter of fact, I've had some pretty intense revelations about the mind/body connection while being treated by Xavier Bryon which has had a ripple effect elsewhere in my life. Through his healing hands, I've been able to heal other areas of my life and I know that I was meant to encounter this person for a good reason. I'm so happy I decided to search out Bryon a few months ago and I look forward to anytime I get to see him. "


- Monica Hoyle

"I first began experiencing pre menstrual cramps in my early 30's, which I wasn't too pleased about. One session with Xavier Bryon relieved my cramps, it's still hard for me to believe it. While in the session, Xavier Bryon talked me through what he was doing on my uterus and how I had "restrictions" that he was releasing which wasn’t allowing my uterus to contract well causing me pain. I'm very grateful for his sharing of information and gentle touch."


- Morissa Cohen

"The injury which brought me to Xavier Bryon Brewster early in 2004 was an unabating pain shooting from left knee to the left ankle. This disabled my capacity to walk, sit, sleep, climb stairs, lift infants and toddlers, work at the computer, and indeed any action, which involved my knees.

At about the same time I learned that this injury was the outcome of a previously undiscovered, long evolution of an issue of my left foot. Xavier Bryon understood that this had led to an equally extensive, protective shift in posture and in minimization of action of the various elements of the neuro-musculoskeletal system involved. It took some two years to heal the initial injury. We then began the still-ongoing process of ensuring that the entire musculoskeletal system of my body was fully maximized.

Xavier Bryon's approach derives from a solid comprehension of the close association between the nervous system and the skeleton, muscle, tendons and the fascia which mould them together in their various functions of the body. In addition he appreciates the several biochemical and physiological processes which underlie their appropriate functioning to achieve one's necessary posture."


- Dr. Rose Sheinin

PhD., F.R.S.C., F.A.A.M.,
D. Hum. Lett., D. Sci. Toronto, Ont.

"I've had severe chronic tension for decades due to excessive computer use and high levels of anxiety. Although years of chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy, yoga, pharmaceutical and natural supplements helped a little, nothing has produced such effective or rapid change as just one experience of Xavier Bryon's Kinesis Myofascial Integration / Structural Integration. I'd heard of Rolfing before and knew it sounded like a good fit for me, but never met anyone fully trained and seasoned in its use until now. And I know Xavier Bryon's rate may look pricey compared to other forms of body work, but after spending thousands of dollars on many physical therapies offering only small benefits, I can say Bryon's rates are a giveaway when compared with his results. Xavier Bryon also guided me on exactly how to breathe to best release my physical holding patterns. My next major gift to myself is going to have to be a 12-session KMI series so I can start living in the body I was born to inhabit."


- Tanya

"I met Xavier Bryon on the recommendation of my best friend. She was preparing for her wedding and I could see the results of her efforts. When Xavier Bryon and I met, my goal was to walk, free of pain and limps. Spending two years in physiotherapy for injuries to both my knees, I was in need of a long term plan that would minimize the chance of re-injury.

Bryon paces my work-out program based on my fitness level, but constantly challenges me by introducing new movements and will change the routine when I'm not up to any given task. He is understanding, knowledgeable, informative, and makes working out fun!

Today, I am physically stronger, and able to walk without limping. The aches, pains and stiffness in my knee joints are 100% better. I would definitely recommend Xavier Bryon."


-Sharon R.

"This unique technology has great results. Opening up the joints helps in body movement and makes it more fluid. It stretches out areas that are literally jammed and cannot be stretched. Areas where the muscles are particularly stiff are addressed and getting more motion is accomplished. I have found after several sessions that areas, especially my rib cage, upper back and chest are much more open and flexibility has improved. This corrects my posture, which results in a freedom of movement throughout my whole body."


- Sharon B.

"On top of his many years of experience and his clear expertise in structural integration, Xavier Bryon is also highly intuitive and personable. In addition to physically being able to observe where problems lie, by talking about your experiences to him, he is also able to pinpoint areas of the body which need to be "released" from tensions which may have been in place for years. In my twelve sessions, some underlying emotional issues emerged which also had to be dealt with and resolved. Energy levels and flexibility have improved greatly, making me feel younger. It was overall a major healing process, one which I would recommend to anyone with a few decades of living behind them. Thanks Xavier Bryon!"


- "S.Z."

"At a major fitness club I watched Xavier Bryon guide one person after another in a fashion superior to the other trainers. Intrigued I requested that he prepare a program for me, a fit senior. I then signed up for the Structural Integration series. I now wish to offer this endorsement because of the lasting benefit of his sure and careful realignment of my body. It has brought me unabated happiness."


- Gloria Shulman

From other Therapists

“Xavier Bryon's confidence and passion for my overall health is evident during his treatments. His professionalism, approach to healing and knowledge always impresses me. I injured my wrist over 6 months ago and I tried seeing a number of healthcare practitioners for my injury, but it wasn't getting better. I went from tumbling everyday to being completely unable to bear any weight on my wrist. Not only was I in a lot of pain but I was also very concerned that this injury would end my career. Within two treatments not only was my wrist feeling better, but I was doing handstands again!! Thank you so much Xavier Bryon!"


- Jen B
Chiropractic Student and Circus Performer

"A little over 10 years ago my left knee suddenly became very swollen and inflamed. My family doctor sent me to a specialist who scoped my knee and took a sample of the swollen liquid from my knee for analysis. The result of these tests was inconclusive they said it wasn`t gout and it wasn`t arthritis they didn`t know what was causing my knee to swell. The swelling and inflammation caused me a lot of pain and suffering severely limiting my ability to walk any distance and running was out of the question. For the next 10 years I tried everything to get relief from my knee. Physiotherapy, massage, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture, Yoga, cupping, reikki, exercise programs, cranial sacrum treatments, osteopathy, heat and cold therapy and homeopathy.

Nothing worked until I found Xavier Bryon Brewster and Structural Integration. After just 3 treatments the swelling in my knee reduced so I could see my knee again instead of puffiness. Most importantly the pain went away and stayed away so for the first time in over 10 years I could go for a walk pain free and even run a little. This was a miracle for me. Today after having finished the treatments for over a month I have been on a very vigorous weight training program at a gym to regain the strength in my left leg and over all body conditioning. This is something I couldn`t even imagine being possible before Xavier Bryon`s treatment. I am making good progress but a knee and leg that for ten years has been under used due to pain becomes extremely weak but I am building it back up pain free. What a miracle !!

As if fixing my knee wasn`t enough I had 2 other notable positive outcomes from Xavier Bryon`s treatment. Over the years I have broken both my collar bones in skiing accidents at different times. As a result whenever I would sleep on my side I would wake up with pain in my chest muscles. Although it would go away after 5-10 minutes if I woke up in the middle of the night it was a real sleep disturber. After the 6th treatment this problem disappeared.

Finally I am in my 60`s and for several years now if I sat for a long time driving in the car when I got out of the car my first 5 to 10 steps were like walking in concrete and then I could walk normally again. I thought I am getting old what can I do . Well after my 8th treatment the walking in concrete feeling disappeared and hasn`t returned. So if you're thinking about whether or not to get Structurally Integrated I can tell you it has changed my quality of life so much for the better it borders on the miraculous. Go for it!!!!!!!"


- R.J.M.

Registered Massage Therapist

"As far as Structural Integration goes, well I'm sold on it. The postural changes have stayed, still some spasmming, but I think it's my body refusing to give into its new lengths. I have done some workouts this past week, my legs are far far stronger, and feel great, and I even feel like I have way more energy when working out. This has been the best thing anyone has been able to do for my Ankylosing Spondylitis, and that's just from 3 treatments."


- James M.

Student of Osteopathic Medicine

"Working with Xavier Bryon has been an absolute gift. He has an exceptional way of assessing complete body mechanics and helping his clients move in ways conducive to building strength and releasing tension. I came to Xavier Bryon with bilateral knee injuries, unable to walk without pain. Various sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors told me my pain would be chronic. For a former division 1 college athlete, the idea of not participating in the sports I loved was devastating. Within two sessions, Xavier Bryon had me walking free from pain. But the benefits of his efforts extended beyond just relieving my injuries. He addressed the poor mechanics that most likely contributed to the injuries. In the process, he improved my stance and my posture. Now I stand taller, breathe easier and sleep better – in addition to walking effortlessly with a renewed feeling of strength in my step. I feel confident in a way I haven't felt in years – and I know it's no coincidence all these wonderful changes happened within weeks of working with Xavier Bryon.His approach is unique and holistic. Xavier Bryon looks at the entire body instead of just addressing the complaint. He has created a friendly, judgment-free space where his clients can grow into more self-assured and relaxed postures. Each week, I looked forward to working with Xavier Bryon because I knew I'd walk away feeling stronger. I could feel the results of a single session even days afterward – muscles just seemed to relax and fall into place. I learned so much from Xavier Bryon, and I look forward to working with him again.

I am a 37 years old professional woman I have suffered from back pain partly due to degenerative disc disease, and disc herniations. Over the last 10 years I have seen countless specialists including; surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, ART therapists. I have tried dry needling, pain injections ( nerve blocks) prescription anti inflammatory and countless herbal and holistic alternative therapies.

I searched out Xavier Bryon after attending an Anatomy trains workshop. I went to him with no expectations on my back pain but more was interested in feeling someone work the Anatomy trains on my body to deepen my understanding of anatomy. After the third session I was amazed at the results. My body started to feel untangled and more efficient. I have always known what ideal posture is but I had been so stuck in compensation patterns I have always struggled to maintain it. After each of the 12 sessions I was amazed at the changes in my body, my appearance and my energy. By the end of the series my back pain had reduced by 95%! Skeptical at first that the changes would last I waited to write this testimonial. It has been almost 3 months since my last treatment and I am doing better than ever. My workouts are easier my mood has improved from being out of constant pain.

Thanks Bryon!


- Lisa S.
Pilates Studio owner and instructor

"Dear Xavier Bryon,

You are an amazing body worker and I hope these words can contribute to make others believe in your capacities too. I have sought help from chiropractors, osteopaths, Alexander technique practitioners, physiotherapists, and many more, and there is none who has helped me increase my well being as you.

You say that Structural Integration gives lasting results, contrary to say regular massage therapy, which you of course know very well from your years of experience and education in the field. I can vouch with my experience that these words are facts rather than beautiful fancies. There is now three months since I last saw you. Overall, I feel more upright and relaxed than ever and I could also mention several areas of my body where you have clearly made an impact: the rotation in my ribcage is gone; the shoulders do not slant forward at all anymore; and I have much more movement and almost no pain in my arthritic hip. What is most mesmerizing is that the treatment keeps working far after the series is completed. It is an adventure to work out my body these days as I work with the new possibilities that the series opened up for me.

As a Pilates teacher who takes my job seriously I have a fair knowledge in anatomy. An accomplished Pilates teacher can see the body as sets of systems working in coherence rather than as isolated muscles working singularly. With your way of sometimes simplifying and other times giving me the full anatomical explanation, you have been one of my most important Pilates teachers.

Your passion for helping other people through Structural Integration is tangible. As I sit here on the other side of the Atlantic, writing these words, I write with a posture that you have helped me create. Writing could be a toll before, but I now write with ease; and that applies as well to how my body feels as to how easy it is to give you my warmest recommendations. I can only hope that you experience all the success you could wish for as a body worker and a Structural Integrator.

With gratitude,


- Magnus Andersson

Pilates teacher, tango teacher, and music researcher and critic

"Xavier Bryon’s structural integration has been some of the most profound body work I’ve ever experienced. As someone who’s job is intensely physical (full time yoga- instructor) I appreciate Xavier Bryon’s depth of knowledge, his compassion and his holistic approach to healing – combining nuanced and in-depth anatomical understanding with sensitivity to the underlying psychological and emotional tensions that can lay dormant in the body. Bryon’s touch is strong, intuitive and always informed by the body he is working with. As he likes to say, he is an active ‘listener’ and allows the tissues to guide him- never forcing the body to go where it is not ready or able to go.

He has helped me not only on a muscular-skeletal level but has also done fantastic visceral work with my organs that has aided my digestion and helped dissolve impingements and adhesions that have been creating imbalances in my body for years.. Having sampled many different kinds of body work (Osteopathy, Massage, Chiropractics) I can whole-heartedly recommend Xavier Bryon’s approach as an extremely effective way of addressing the root-causes of structural imbalances. Bryon is also very personable and professional, making him someone I like and trust."


- Jessica Lemon

(Yoga Instructor)

"I started looking into Rolfing and came upon Xavier Bryon's site. I'd read Tom Myers' book 'Anatomy Trains' and was very interested in his KMI Structural Integration therapy approach.

I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach who trains mainly Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and my friends describe me as 'always on the go', I played hockey last night, volleyball the night before and Frisbee the night before that, on top of martial arts training and weight lifiting. I'm also a CHEK Level 1 Practitioner and hold numerous fitness certifications on top of my Kinesiology degree, so I'm very critical when it comes to therapies. I interviewed a couple of therapists and decided to go with Xavier Bryon.I feel like it was a good choice.

Some of the benefits I've experienced include:

  • Better posture: decreased forward head and shoulders have pulled back into place nicely
  • Improved hip range of motion and less pain � I used to have extremely tight hips, now they've loosened up and I've learned what to do if they do tighten up
  • Breathing has gotten easier and I can breathe deeper � I went for a run midway through the series and after not running for months (it was winter) I felt like I could go forever and I didn't get the tightness in the abs/side stitch that I often get
  • Improved exercise technique � when I do lunges I know my right hip used to shoot out to the right, now I can stay more inline, I think because my glutes are working better

I've also been able to 'connect' with my body better, I know when and where I'm holding tension and am better able to release it.

All in all it was a positive experience and if you're like me and are deeply interested in your body and optimizing it's performance and health, I think doing the series with Bryon is a no-brainer."


- Eric Wong

BSc, CSCS, MMA workout

"As a yoga teacher, I am continually looking for tools to enhance my practice. Having set my intention to master the handstand in the next four months, I struggled to find my alignment and balance. That was until Xavier Bryon worked his magic on my body, and though I have no idea what he did, in just minutes I was flying through my inversions that had seemed near impossible just days before.

Blending Xavier Bryons work with yoga has been a godsend to my practice and I am excited to see where it will lead."


- Ashley Holly

MA, Yoga Instructor, Life Coach

"After having been treated by Structural Integration, I had great postural, breathing and joint (low back, knees and shoulder) issues solved for good.?I am confident that this work would be able to help you to speed up your posture improvement."


- Marcio S.

Personal Trainer

Personal Training

"I selected Xavier Bryon to be my trainer after observing his focus on Posture. His efforts to strengthen my rotator cuff and flat feet are Precise, infinitely varied, helpful and to me magical. He is a pleasure to work with."


- Gloria Shulman

"Xavier Bryon Brewster has turned out to be the perfect trainer for me. He is patient and cheerful and seems to understand the limitations of aging while helping me to do everything to minimize its effects. His combination of fitness experience and massage therapy skills has helped me improve my posture and balance, develop greater strength and flexibility, diminish the threat of Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Heart disease or stroke and help me fully recover from my knee surgery.

I am quiet sure that (judging by how carefully Xavier Bryon has tailored my exercise program to my particular needs) he would be equally beneficial to clients of all ages with different priorities. I am confident that anyone at all would enjoy working with Xavier Bryon and benefit from the experience. He is a natural teacher."


- Liz C,


"I have Osteoporosis, arthritis and other age related aches and pains. Two years ago when prescriptions became less effective, I started training with a trainer at goodlife. I received some relief and felt a little better but my trainer was fired. A friend recommended Xavier Bryon. We have been working together for a year now. My agility, balance and overall strength have improved and I have longer periods without pain. Xavier Bryon is intelligent and pleasant to work with. He is a very skilled trainer and massage therapist. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wishes to improve his or her wellness through exercise and massage."


- Malva K

"I was recommended to Xavier Bryon by Dr. Todd Starr, DC, ACRB2, a Doctor of chiropractic and strength and conditioning coach after a discussion with him as to my specific needs.

the ligaments in my right shoulder two and a half years ago, golfing. I have been to two orthopedic surgeons and surgery was not an option. I have been to the sports rehabilitation institute and a physio therapy clinics without any noticeable improvement in my shoulder. My strength, pain and endless shoulder aching night and day continued. My shoulders were also slightly hunched over and I had difficulty expanding my chest with deep breathing. This was not good and made me feel much older then I am.

My program with Xavier Bryon starts with a massage and stretching of the shoulder muscles and fascia to release the tension. The program ends with a 15 minute massage of the shoulder, neck muscles and hip flexors. Most trainers do not have this specialized training. This really expedited my healing process.

I had trouble lifting my right arm in the beginning and had little strength in my shoulders. Today I am working with weights, doing push ups, presses, lunges and squats, I have also had two hip replacements. I am sure I will reach my goal of being back in the water sea kayaking by mid may of this year, 2007. (Update: I went on my first Sea kayaking Trip without issue!)

I would highly recommend Xavier Bryon as a personal trainer with those of you who have physical challenges. Those of you who are looking to tone or build muscle will also find great success with Xavier Bryon’s well rounded ability and training.

Thanks Xavier Bryon for giving me back my quality of life

Forever grateful,"


- Elizabeth Chapman

"When Xavier Bryon started working with me I had posture and muscle tone issues which needed to be addressed. My weight was not an issue. My upper back was very weak. After a year of weekly sessions, I have gained strength and my posture has improved tremendously. Bryon brings more to his training than just the basic “body building”. He has a wealth of training and knowledge and he addresses the structure of the body, increasing strength and flexibility, so that movement and energy are increased. He designs your individual program and coaches in a manner which motivates, but does not feel like “boot camp”. The results are marvelous."


- Sharon B.

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