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Revolutionized Yoga: Bridging Structural Integration with the Asana

Revolutionized Yoga is the optimal solution for yoga practitioners that are craving a real, rapid, wild and a drastic shift in their yoga practice and their life; overnight!

Course Description:

Using a blend of bodywork, touch therapy and structural integration techniques Bryon works on students during their yoga practice. Observing myofascial restrictions as they are brought up in the practice, Bryon takes time with each student to help bring awareness and release the restrictions that are preventing them from opening their hips, their heart and their mind.

This course will:

- Help you to identify problem areas in your body and practice

- Release tension and restrictions in your emotional and physical body

- Bring awareness to the impact of each pose on your body

- Propel you years ahead in your practice.


Taught by Ashley Holly, MA, RYT and Bryon Brewster Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Certified Structural Integrationist, MT, CHN, Osteopath, this workshop explores the linkages between the connective tissue, fascia, movement and the asana.
Dates: July 6, 2013 2-5pm

Cost:: $50.00 + HST

Location:Toronto - Exact Location TBA
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