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Posture Rehabilitation
Posture is extremely reflective of the mental and physical health of an individual. Just from looking at someone even the untrained eye can pick up confidence levels.  Long term poor posture will lead to chronic pain, it is guaranteed! Just like your car will suffer increased wear and tear if it is misaligned! As a mechanic does to a car, we will perform a number of assessments to find out exactly where the problems lie! From there, we will prescribe specific exercises, stretches, and various other tools to correct the imbalance, so your joints do not wear out before their time.

Corrective Exercise
Many fail to realize that the different parts of the body  are linked in every way.  Corrective exercises’ mandate is to help restore these links. In turn, this will restore function, increase performance, and decrease or eliminate pain.

Injury Rehabilitation
After an injury, the body has usually learned many ways to compensate. If action is not taken,   these become easily ingrained and part of your new “muscle memory” or the way you move. It is extremely important to tackle this as soon as possible after an injury to re-train the body,  restore balance, and  avoid re-injury. It is never too late to relearn but as time goes on it takes longer to do so.

Weight Loss
There is a great deal of information out there that claims to be the answer to the weight loss wars. How do you even begin to know what to believe?  The reason why there are so many answers, lies in the question:  it may be the right thing for someone else, but is it right for you? The number one thing you must remember is that you are different from everyone else; different  in the way you think, how your body uses energy, and so on. All of these differences affect your weight and until you learn about your body, you are shooting in the dark, hoping to hit your weight loss goals. Our aim is to turn on the lights so you may obtain any goal you wish.

Body Building
Our approach to body building is slightly different from traditional methods. This is because traditional methods seem to cause a great deal of injuries and lead to chronic issues, especially years down the road. Ask any body builder and they will probably run out of fingers listing off all their injuries and chronic pains. Chances are you will never know you are doing something wrong until years down the road when one day you are picking up something seemingly light and surprise, your back, knee, or shoulder goes out. This is usually caused by long term improper technique and imbalances within training, nutrition and lifestyle.  Our program is designed to achieve your body building goals without injury or future pain through proper nutrition, lifestyle, training techniques and bio-signature modulation.

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