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As Western Medicine was taking hold during the last half of the 19th century, a medical doctor named Andrew still and his family were stuck with a number of diseases that modern medicine couldn’t cure. When all was said and done, he had lost a number of children and two wives. Unable to help them with all his medical knowledge Andrew Still searched for answers. From that search he developed a new form of medicine that cared more about finding health then finding disease and the beginnings of Osteopathy were born.

Vastly different from traditional Medicine, Osteopathy is about finding health and balance in your bodies systems and have them work together as a whole. Its overall goal is to take away the restrictions that hold us back and to support our health and wellness so that the body may heal itself as To think that we can heal anyone is arrogant and misguided. The only one, who can heal you, is you... Osteopathy is about taking away the restrictions that are holding you back from that goal, giving you the ease, support and push needed so that you may heal yourself.



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