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Biological Signature
By assessing your Bio-Signature we can outline a specific nutrition and supplementation program to help you lose weight, spot reduce, and gain muscle, as well as repress certain genetic predispositions to help you avoid disease.

Metabolic Typing
Metabolic typing recognizes that you are an individual; as an individual you require different types of nutrition for your body to function optimally and avoid chronic disease. This is the reason that there are so many diets out there that seem to work for someone. People tend to go aimlessly from one to diet to another, and some are lucky enough to eventually find one that works. The one that works is most likely just the closest to their metabolic type.

As you probably know, your genes play a role in your susceptibility to certain diseases. Note that the key word is your “susceptibility”, meaning there is only an increased chance! Think of it like this: your genes are a gun, the environment is the trigger, but through proper supplementation and exercise you can empty the bullets. Proper supplementation, exercise and lifestyle  will decrease your chances of allowing your genetics to go wrong.

Diet Plans
In harmony with your metabolic type, biological signature results, and specific needs, we can develop a delicious nutritional diet plan to fit you!

There are many different types of detoxification and cleansing programs. From our specific assessments we will determine which one is right for you, how long you should maintain the cleanse, and specific instructions that will generate the best results possible!

General Detoxification
Yeast cleanse (Candida Albacans, Thrush, Vaginal yeast infection)
Parasite Cleanse
Bowel Cleanse
Heavy metal Detoxification
Master Cleanse
Elimination Diet

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