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Fascial Release Series of the Neck, Shoulder & Thorax for Manual Therapists

Course Description:

The shoulder rests on the thorax and hangs from the neck. Most long-term shoulder dysfunctions need to consider all three elements in the 'cure'. In this course, we combine techniques from the breathing, neck, thorax, and the arm workshops to understand the fascial interconnections and make some real and long term solutions to shoulder dysfunction.

Learn techniques to effectively correct rib cage tilts and repositioning, scalenes and head-neck positioning, shoulder pivots, the balance between stability and mobility in the shoulder, the shoulder 'X' - the underlying muscles that create shoulder stability, and more.

Fascial Release Techniques thoroughly conveys 15 - 20 technique 'templates', designed for versatile application for the different patterns your clients bring to you. Upon completion of this course:

  • Students will be able to palpate, assess and treat various areas of the body, based on the regional focus of the course.

  • Students will understand the biomechanical implications of fascial anatomy at a more advanced level.

  • Student will enhance their myofascial release, palpation, and postural assessment skills.

Anatomy Trains author Thomas Myers


Saturday, December 7th, 2013 9am-4pm
Sunday, December 8th, 2013 9am-4pm.


$449.00 + HST until November 1st. 499.00+HST after

* Please note, this workshop is limited to only 40 participants.


Sutherland-Chan Clinic, 330 Dupont Street Suite 400 , Toronto, ON

Cancelation Policy:

* Cancellation Fees *
60 days prior 25%; 30 days prior 50%; 2 weeks prior 75%; less than 2 weeks non-refundable, though you can find a replacement to take your space.

For questions, email

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