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Body Reading and Touch-Cueing for Movement Therapists

Course Description:

Seeing is touch at a distance.

Learn to see and understand postural patterns so you can work smarter not harder. Identify the strain patterns that underlie the pain patterns or movement restriction. See how the pain in their right shoulder is really set up by the collapse in the left ankle. This workshop includes skill-building exercises for standing, breathing, sitting and gait assessments.

Develop more holistic strategies and find the structural 'keys' to create longer-lasting effective work. During this course we will develop coherent single- or multi-session strategies based on what we see and feel and take those strategies into Touch-Cueing to bring awareness and new movement patterning to the problem.

With your ability to read posture and movement, you will never be bored in airports again, and you will impress your clients with your ability to tie together the story 'written' into their body stance and attitude forever changing your practice.


Anatomy Trains - author Thomas Myers


Thursday, December 5th, 2013 9am-4pm &
Friday, December 6th, 2013 9am-4pm.


$499.00 + HST until November 1st. ($549.00 +HST after)

* Please note, this workshop is limited to only 35 participants.


80 Gladstone Ave, Toronto, ON

Cancelation Policy:

* Cancellation Fees *
60 days prior 25%; 30 days prior 50%; 2 weeks prior 75%; less than 2 weeks non-refundable, though you can find a replacement to take your space.


For questions, email

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