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The saying goes... “If you are not assessing, you are guessing,” and if you are lucky, guessing may work. At Body Evolutions we are not big fans of guessing, so before we begin working with someone, we will take them through a specific group of assessments. This usually includes Nutrition, Biological Signature Modulation, Lifestyle, and Physical Assessments as each relates to the others.

Metabolic Type Assessment

Assesses your individual metabolic type.
Results will include dietary suggestions that will increase your chances of weight loss and increased health.

Postural and Physical Assessment
Assesses musculoskeletal dysfunction that may be the cause of chronic pain.
Results will include a list of issues, as well as specific muscles that should be stretched, strengthened, reactivated, and so on.
Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment                       
Assesses for nutritional deficiencies, mental blocks, internal systems and lifestyle issues that may be stopping you from reaching your goals of better health and well-being.
Results may include lifestyle changes, dietary and supplementation suggestions, exercises, and various other techniques.

Bio-Signature Modulation Assessment
Assesses your individual hormonal and genetic profile from specific skin fold tests.
Results will include your genetic predispositions, your hormonal balance and body fat %.  From there, we will be able to tailor a specific exercise, diet and supplementation program that will aid in repressing your genetic predispositions to disease and fat gain, rebalance your hormones, and result in weight loss!

Bio-Signature modulation
Over the past 20 years, a famous exercise physiologist named Charles Poliquin has been developing this revolutionary tool. Through thousands of twelve site skin fold tests he noticed a correlation between specific skin fold sites and their relationship to one’s individual hormonal profile. As any woman can attest, hormones affect not only your mood, but also other aspects, such as how you lay your body fat.  Not only will bio-signature help you lose weight, but it also has the potential to greatly improve your health.

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