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Body Evolutions is the creation of Xavier Bryon Brewster’s curiosity that has always pushed him to pursue the real answers to helping his clients Evolve out of pain, discomfort or whatever else that is holding them back from reaching their true potential.

What makes Body Evolutions Unique?

We live in a society where we focus on the direct result of things. What I mean by this is we focus on what we see or feel but sometimes forget to think about where it comes from. For example, most people come to me because they are in pain and ask me to spend my time working on the area of pain. The direct result in this case is the pain and limitations my clients experience. But the question I always ask myself; is their pain the direct cause or simply a direct result of something else?

In almost every case I’ve found, the pain people are experiencing is not the cause and is simply a symptom of an underlying issue. An example I tell my clients is of a house and its foundation. Say you have cracks (pain/discomfort) forming in the walls and ceiling of your home. Seeing this, you patch them up... but low and behold, they keep coming back. Eventually after awhile you call in an expert and they point out that your foundation (the direct cause in this case) is off. Until you fix the off foundation or direct cause, patching up the cracks or treating your symptoms/pain will never ever give you the results you are looking for of a pain free body. Makes sense right? But even so, day after day clients come into my office having seen a multitude of therapists who only treated their pain. So what can cause the pain? With the body being so complex it can really be anything from a bad foundation (your posture), emotional holding, stress, an old injury or more reasons than you’d wish to read. Because there are so many direct causes of pain or discomfort in our bodies, it’s important to see someone with a wide background of tools to fit your specific issue. I have spent my life in pursuit of searching out the tools needed to uncover those core issues to tackle them and get long-term real results.


To help you by uniquely assessing, discovering your core issue and treating to a long term resolution


To see you free you from all the impositions that hold you back



Xavier Bryon Brewster - Massage Therapy Dipl, Board Certified Structural Integrationist, Osteopath, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher.

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